National Adventure Day Is Coming In October!

Mark your calendars: October 12 & 13 – National Adventure Day(s)!

While it may not be officially recognized or sanctioned by any national governments, what’s to stop National Adventure Day from taking hold at a grassroots level and being here to stay for years to come? So mark your calendars for October 12 and 13, rally the troops (your friends), and get your adventure on!

(Also, since no countries recognize the holidays, adventurers from every nation can/should join in!)


National Adventure Day


Chuck Vohsen at Rock Racing was inspired by the creation of “National Bacon Day” by 3 graduate student friends and got to thinking, “If bacon can have its own holiday…..Adventuring should have it’s own holiday too!” After collaborating with some friends about the idea, National Adventure Day (actually a weekend) was born.

We decided that National Adventure Day should take place the weekend proceeding Columbus Day, which is always the second Monday of October,” says Vohsen.


October 12 - 13 is National Adventure Day

Vohsen and friends have gone so far as to create a Facebook page for the “holiday,”  The Adventure Blog has jumped on board, and we at Get Out and Travel thinks it’s too great of an idea not to share.

We love what Alastair Humphreys has been doing with bringing adventure to “everyman” through microadventure, and a National Adventure Day seems like the next logical step .

Kraig Becker of The Adventure Blog says it well: “I’m a big believer that the term “adventure” means something different for everyone. And on National Adventure Day we should all find something that expresses our own personal definition. Hit a trail for a long hike or run. Camp over night. Go climb a mountain. Whatever inspires you. Get out there and do it.”


The best way to make National Adventure Day actually mean something is to have an adventure yourself and encourage others to do the same. So get on Facebook and Twitter, let the world know, and then make October 12 and 13 a weekend full of adventure!

Want to but not sure where/how to start? Check out Alastair Humphreys’ Microadventures website – the perfect starting point.


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